Moorman’s Book of Poker: Improve Your Poker Game with Moorman1, the most successful online poker player in history

September 16, 2019 - Comment

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Moorman’s Book of Poker


Anonymous says:

Top quality insight from top online player Some fascinating insights from Chris Moorman, who clearly has the ability to analyse a game with far more insight than most of us could ever manage. I feel it’s helped to improve my game considerably, so I’d recommend this to any tournament player. It’s not for beginners but more for intermediate players looking to further their understanding of how ranges work and are perceived by opponents. My only criticism is that this really is a very dry read and could perhaps have benefitted from the odd…

Anonymous says:

Adds another level of thinking. Love this book. Moorman just adds another level of thinking over a solid regs actions whom he reviews. The book has a balanced approach where our actions with actual hands are balanced against times in that spot we have different holdings. It assumes a decent level of Villain.This book really works well for me i would of played many of the hands the same way, sometimes not even as well as the original play who had considered something I missed. but then we get another level again when…

Anonymous says:

I like the idea of this book and it is interesting … I like the idea of this book and it is interesting to read, however there are far too many hands that are easy to play – AKs, AA, pocket pairs, suited hands where hitting a flush draw on the flop or top pair, flopping trips, etc.I was hoping for far more tricky spots against tougher players or outplaying players, advice from Chris Moorman on strategy, etc.Definitely worth adding to your poker reading but IMO Moorman could have written a far better book than this.

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